Max starts playing electric guitar at age 16, when he discovers heavy metal music and bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Ozzy and many others.
After many small cover bands, in 1999 Max founded “Dragonhammer” with his friend Gae Amodio.
The good feedback of the demo tape “Age of Glory”, helps the band to sign with Legend Music / Elevate Records and to publish in 2001 the debut album “The Blood of the Dragon” with which they settle in the power-metal scene of these years.
Followed by other successful albums with Dragonhammer: Time for expiation (2004), The x experiment (2013), Obscurity (2017).
In 2016 he participates as special guest in the legendary Vivaldi Metal Project of his friend Mistheria.
In 2018 he participates as a special guest in the excellent album by This Void Inside.
In October 2018, Max left the band due to the impossibility of following the band in live performances and for personal reasons, although Max was always the author of all the music and lyrics (except in 2 songs) and the artistic ideas of Dragonhammer,
In March 2019, Max founded a new band called “Aguzzi”: new style, new ideas and more hardness! Soon you’ll know who are in this amazing line up!